8 Things about Being an Architecture Student

1 – Explore and be curious.

Explore, explore and explore. If you have any chance to travel, do it so. For an architect is extremely important to understand how the city and culture dwell in the same space. Be curios to grasp the environment and its heritage. Plan yourself before. Ask a teacher for tips. They normally already have full detailed “architecture travel plans” for major cities around the world – don’t be afraid to ask. Explore the city you are studying in better. Walk through the city – walking permits us to have a very unique experience with the building scales, with the details of the façades, with seeing people interacting and behaving on the streets. Be curious.

2 – Draw & Re-draw

Now a days with all the technological drawing tools, the architecture students have forgotten one of the most important act of its career, drawing. Of course, we can’t deny the technology, but drawing by hand is helpful to understand better your thoughts, it’s basically an extension of your brain onto a piece of paper. Drawing is fundamental for the practice.

3 – There will always be materials to buy

Regardless of the semester you are attending, you will always use a lot of material, and you will always have to buy loads of them. For freshmen and laypeople, it is very good to get to know more about the brand names and it’s utilities. Rather spend a little more with a better quality product then having to replace it every two months or so.

4- Save and recycle your material

As seen in “Tip 1”, an architecture student will use many sorts of materials, to make models, to paint, to draw, such as parallel rulers, nankin pens, card boards, etc. So the best thing to do is to use your material “until it’s completely gone”. If there is a piece of cardboard or any sort of paper left, do not junk it. Soon you will need exactly that piece to use on another work or so. Recycle it. Be sustainable.

5- Enjoy diversity

Architecture is a far-reaching comprehensive course. The students are very different and have contrasting opinions. You will hear particular reasons which led each of them to choose architecture.

“But is that bad?”

Of course not!

This makes architecture and urbanism one of the most diverse and culturally rich courses you will find at university.

Being an architect is about to care about the cities environment, it’s diversity and also its individuals.

6 – There are tons of tools to use. Don’t be afraid.

You will hear a lot of explanations, from technical drawing teachers, project teachers and even classmates, but it will take some time to figure out how the ladder works. As architects you will have to use several new tools, such as scalimeter, drawing compass, parallel rulers, as well as AutoCad, Revit, Sketch Up and V-Ray. But do not be scared, the handling of these tools only demands time and practice.

7 – Be organized and get some sleep

You might have heard or even already experienced that sleeping isn’t really in the architectural vocabulary. The amount of work that the student are duo to deliver is massive and they also wished the day would have more then 24 hrs. Sleepless nights, or powers naps under beneath your studio desk are going to become part of your routine. Have a neatly timetable to avoid such circumstances. As there are many tasks to do, sometimes we end up being confused to what start with thus loosing our precious time on bed later on. Be organized; keep things on schedule and sleep.

8 – Tea or Coffee to go?

Having heard last tip you might be already pouring hot water from kettle on a coffee paper filter. Indeed, coffee helps a lot architecture student to remain awake. Coffee is good for immediate burst on a last deadline night duo project handling, but actually a good mug of tea can also release gradually a considerable amount of caffeine and. This keeps student awake for a longer period of time, more relaxed, calm and focused.





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