Admirant Entrance Building_Blob | Massimiliano Fuksas architetto


Architect | Massimiliano Fuksas
Country | Netherlands
Type | Mixed use
City | Eindhoven
Date | 2003/2010
Status | Realized


The Blob plays a very strategic role at the city of Eindhoven as it stands right on the corner from the Philips company and the 18 Septemberplein square forming the gateway to the city’s biggest market street.

Eindhoven is considered to be a city of innovation and experimentation. These can be represented by means of architecture, design and technology – the the city’s driving force. Hence, the project is meant to represent this force.

According to the architect, “the project is based on an intensive form-finding process”  which allows the final result to be unpredictable and that the conventional design rules lose their meanings. Specially when compared with it’s surroundings environment, the Blob stands just like a organic amorphous object.

The 5-storey concrete structure is wrapped in a freestanding glass and steel skin façade, which defies any attempt at categorization. The façade is made out of unique triangular, welded steel profiles into which glass and metal panels are set. In total the panels cover 2.940 sqm. Those create a smooth and curvy sort of envelop that dips in slightly into the center of the building. Proposing a very special relation between outside and inside.






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