Renovating A Former Cement Fabric Into Architect’s House


What if you were asked, “Where would you like to build your house? “, Probably your answer would be in a beautiful prairie, around the corner from a famous beach, inside a condominium (for the residents of violent cities). And what if I tell you that a Spanish architect decided to build his home in a former cement factory, would you believe it? It’s astonishing.

It all started when the architect Ricardo Bofill decided to look for a site to build his future residence. There were several locations but the architect saw great potential in an abandoned factory due to World War II. That deteriorated project of 500 sqm in the suburb of Barcelona drew the attention of the architect who decided to use this space for his living.

Today, known as “La Fabrica”, the retrofit has turned into an incredible residential project that amaze anyone.

According to the Catalan architect, the charm of the residence is in the sensation of something without end, a project that will never have its end.

All images © Ricardo Bofill


9 months ago

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